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Transfers and postings in the grade of Appraiser in various charges of Mumbai Customs
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Minutes of the Open House Meeting held on
The Indian Customs EDI system (Unaccompanied Baggage) would commence from 28th March,2014 at Unaccompanied Baggage Centre, Indira Docks, Mumbai
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Implementation of Module for Transshipment of Cargo from a Seaport to Another Seaport in ICES
Please click here for Public Notice No. 07 & 08/2014 Dtd. 06.02.2014
Rotations of Supdt. of Customs (P) & Inspectors (PO)
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Minutes of the Meeting with representatives of MbPT, Bombay Royal Yacht Club & Others held on 03.01.2014 at NCH, Mumbai.
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Fast Track procedure for renewal of Customs Broker Licence has been introduced
Click here for Public Notice No. 122/2013 Dtd. 25.11.2013
Risk Management System in exports will be made operational at New Customs House from 13.11.2013
Click here for Public Notice No. 119/2013 Dtd. 07.11.2013.
Officers/Staff Members of Mumbai Customs Zone-I Posted for working on EDI System can Download Role Allocation/Removal Form in ICES v1.5
Click here for EDI Circular No. 01/2011 Dtd. 10/01/2011
As a Trade Facilitation Measure, Mumbai Customs Zone-I has launched E-Help Line. Please click here for
"e-Help Line"
Transfers and postings in the grade of Examiners of the Mumbai Customs Zone I, II & III
Click here for Estt. Office Order No. 224/2013 Dtd. 07.10.2013
17 Banks are linked to the New e-Payment Gateway on ICEGATE Website.
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Examiners/Prev. Officers/Office Supdnts are deemed to be promoted as Appraiser on regular basis
Click here for E.O.O. No.215/2013 Dtd.26.09.2013.
Promotion to the cadre of Supdt. of Customs (Prev.)
Click here for E.O.O. No. 208/2013 Dtd.18.09.2013.
Cancellation of Estt.Office Order No.188/2013 Dtd.23.08.2013 of Promotion to the cadre of Supdt. of Customs (Prev.)
Click here for E.O.O. No. 207/2013 Dtd.18.09.2013.
Final Seniority list of Dy. Office Superintendent as on 01.04.2013
Click here for Circular No. 129/2013 Dtd. 06.09.2013
Waiting List in respect of Departmental Quarter on Department Website
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Draft Seniority List of Supdt.of Customs(P) working in Mumbai & Goa Custom House as on 01.04.13
Please click here for Circular No. 202/2013
Adhoc Promotion to the grade of Inspector (Examiner).
Click here for Estt. Office Order No. 191/2013 Dtd. 26.08.2013
Promotion Order to the grade of Appraiser
Please click here for Estt. Office Order No. 183/2013
Elig.List of Customs Appraiser for the period 1.4.97 to 31.12.02,prepared on the basis of Seni.List provided by NCH,Mumbai to the Board
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Final Seniority List in the cadre of Inspector (Examiner) as on 01-01-2013 & 01-04-2013
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Tour Details For Officers of Jt.Secr and above and Heads of Department working with Mumbai,NCH
Final Seniority List of POs & Draft Seniority List of AOs.
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List of Examiners/ Preventive Officers/ Office Superintendents deemed to be promoted as Appraisers.
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Types of cases where manual filing of B/Es & S/Bills may be allowed by Commr.(Imp/Exp)
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E-Payment is mandatory for ACP Clients & Importers paying Customs Duty of more than Rs. 1 Lakh,
Please see Public Notice No. 57/2012 Dtd.07.09.2012
Procedure for Clearance By Post
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Beware of Fake E-Mail about Parcels coming on the name of Mumbai Customs.
Please see Public Notice Dtd. 09.05.2012
Please see Public Notice issued by Directorate of Publicity and Public Relations, Customs & Central
Public Notice